Many think that wiring is a simple “diy” job. They can’t be more wrong. A proper electrical wiring is an absolute must for your safety, for the safety of your family or property.

A U.S. Fire Administration report indicates that there are about 26,000 electrical fires per year in the United States. Any appliance that has a heating element from light bulbs to space heaters and even dishwashers are even more capable of causing a fire. Faulty wiring can mean anything from damaged insulation on an extension cord to an overloaded outlet. Many root causes for this are initial improper wiring.

Like all things, electrical circuits must obey the law of physics. They need to be designed considering the electrical power needs of the added appliances, lights, etc. If a circuit can’t handle the flow of electricity, it will break, overheat, or, at least, malfunction.
Of course, a circuit should also use the best materials available. Don’t save money here. It’s not worth it.

When handling an electrical wiring task (be it an installation, a repair or upgrade) it is essential to call a professional electrician that has the knowledge and the expertise to design and implement proper wire circuitsĀ taking into account all safety regulations.